June 2012 Archives

School districts continue with implementation plans now that state budget has been approved

Business group says U.S. needs national strategy to ensure access for all kids

A new paper from the American Enterprise Institute calls for more transparency and oversight of private early-childhood programs.

Legislation awaits governor's approval

Expert says labels, books, and writing centers all help with skill development

Lawmakers reject proposal to ban school districts from charging tuition

Researchers find that minority kids shower even greater benefit from participation

Researcher finds that being overweight results in poorer math performance in lower grades

Researchers say robust exposure leads to better ability to solve math problems

Cuts to Early Head Start funding mean loss of hundreds of slots

Researchers find that infants don't like too much simplicity or complexity

Study explores differences in parent-child interactions while reading electronic books

Websites offer helpful tips to get kids ready for their first school experience

A new report from the Center for American Progress urges the federal government to do more to improve the quality of publicly-funded early childhood programs.


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