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Early education policymakers, advocates, and researchers call for a higher profile for the need for more quality early childhood programs, especially as a linchpin for a stronger American economy.

'First findings' from the U.S. Department of Education's early childhood longitudinal study of more than 18,000 kindergartners underscore the presence of achievement gaps in the earliest grades.

New Jersey and Connecticut have the best participation rates in the nation.

Ben Bernanke underlined the need for more investment in quality early childhood programs.

Parent educators make bi-weekly home visits to help families understand and support the healthy physical and intellectual development of young children.

Age-appropriate selections can help keep kids moving on path to literacy

Early Learning Coalition creates system to cover area providers.

Short clips illustrate how to creative positive learning experiences in daily routines

Integrated networks involving libraries and other resources can improve communication and learning

ACT, Inc. is about to roll out a new series of assessments designed to measure whether children as young as 3rd grade are 'on track' to succeed in college and the workplace.

Nonprofit calls for residents to get involved in making early education a priority

Researchers say extra time for full-term babies can make a difference in later academic achievement

Researchers found that kids enrolled in publicly funded programs may get better care

A new state office is tasked with developing a plan for an early learning program

Program provides free resources for improvement to providers and early education programs

Researchers found that young children's beliefs can affect performance.


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