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The state's new common screener is expected to help districts improve education for youngest learners

National law enforcement group calls for more investment in quality programs

School of Education will use $1.1 million grant to fund master's degree and undergraduate courses

State officials working on revising the outdated funding formula.

The expansion restores access reduced by budget cuts.

Samuel J. Meisels, a national expert on early-childhood issues, will be the founding executive director of the Buffett Early Childhood Institute at the University of Nebraska.

Researchers find that home environment and parents' income and education levels play role

Nonprofit plans to provide activities for 2,000 families in select states.

Researchers say that findings could lead to interventions for at-risk readers.

Separate studies explore how maternal depression and sign language contribute to developing language skills.

The beloved icon of early childhood has been thrust into the middle of the rancorous campaign for president.

Jumpstart's Reading for the Record raises awareness of the importance of early learning.

City officials announce plans to open school for at-risk preschoolers and add more seats in other programs

The Republican presidential nominee says he would "not cut" federal education funding, but did not spell out exactly what that would mean.

City voters will decide whether to raise the local sales tax to support expansion of full-day prekindergarten for poor children and English-learners.

School districts ditch traditional letter grades in favor of more complex grading reports

The National Governors Association calls on states' chief executives to take the lead in ensuring that the policy goals and practices in early-childhood efforts reinforce improvement initiatives in K-12, and vice versa.

Researchers find that children are better able to evaluate each other's personality traits than their own


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