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In 2011-12, Georgia increased pre-K class sizes and trimmed 20 days from the school year. Now, Gov. Nathan Deal wants to use state lottery money to bolster the program.

Playing, learning, trips to the park and twice a month field trips make up a typical day at a program funded by grants from the Cummings Foundation and the local United Way.

One particular baby behavior, known as gaze shifting, has been found to help infants learn language, University of Washington researchers say.

Were the current Republican budget proposals to become law, current Preschool Development Grants could end up being zeroed out.

Save the Children, one of the oldest child-welfare organizations in the country, created a political action arm last year specifically to make early-childhood education a top issues among all candidates for the 2016 presidential campaign.

The pay channel HBO will have exclusive rights to air new episodes of the venerable children's program "Sesame Street" for nine months, when it will then be available to PBS for free.

Federal policy requiring that public schools serve all students regardless of immigration status extends only as far as kindergarten, leaving preschool a matter of state policy.

Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi produce the highest percentage (10 to 11 percent) of babies born with a low birth weight, while the Dakotas and Arizona are among the 14 best-performing states where only 6 to 7 percent of babies are born with a low birth weight.

The ability to tell vivid, complex stories was linked to kindergarten literacy skills for black children, but not for children in other racial and ethnic groups, recent research found.


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