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Washington state, North Carolina, Michigan and West Virginia all have programs that have been judged effective by outside evaluators. Still, they are not perfect.

California's program for some 4-year-olds boasts quality instruction, highly educated teachers and a balanced curriculum, says a report by the American Institutes for Research.

The National Council on Teacher Quality found that many teacher-prep programs that certify early educators don't spend much time on skills most relevant to working with young children.

More Mississippi children are meeting benchmarks on a test of early-childhood literacy skills, according to the state's department of education.

The on-screen game used by Johns Hopkins University researchers was designed to encourage practicing the basic "number sense" all children are born with.

The tax, which will apply to both sugar-sweetened and artificially sweetened drinks, is expected to raise $409 million over five years for preschool and other city programs.

Early-educators play an essential role in the lives of young children, but their pay fails to reflect that, says a new White House report.

Preschool teachers must offer high-quality instruction to change academic outcomes for their students, according to a new analysis of eight studies.

Mike Pence, a Republican, wrote a letter to the Office of Health And Human Services saying that the state would be interested in applying for preschool development grant money.

Formal day care, like Head Start, public pre-K, and private centers, provide higher-quality services to both toddlers and 4-year-olds than informal, non-parent caregivers, a study says.

As early childhood education programs continue to expand across the U.S., local policymakers need to know the best questions to ask.


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