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The podcast series from the Committee for Economic Development features business leaders and child-development experts focusing on high-quality child care and preschool.

A new study of preschool teachers found that implicit bias manifests itself in complex ways that may affect discipline disparities.

As she signs off, Early Years co-blogger Lillian Mongeau reflects on national developments in the early-childhood arena. The blog continues under co-blogger Christina A. Samuels.

A look at seven states in the Midwest shows how they have created rating systems for their early-childhood programs, and concerns over containing costs.

New York City's universal prekindergarten program created classrooms that are less diverse than its kindergarten classrooms, says an analysis from the Century Foundation.

Programs that receive funds through the Child Care Development Block Grant must meet guidelines based on new knowledge on child development, said the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

A program guides teachers in learning how to to gently redirect problem behavior, rather than scolding children, and a new study shows it works.

Even accepting that preschool expansion is the goal, there is a very long way to go before reaching President Barack Obama's stated goal of offering preschool for every child.

Children who participated in New Mexico's public preschool program did better on 3rd grade tests of math and reading than their peers who didn't participate.

Six months of reporting and writing about U.S. public preschools makes clear that we trail the rest of the developed world in how and what we spend on young children.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's campaign said that his plan will support families across the income spectrum.

Spending on child care, toys, games, books and other early-education supports has grown significantly among the country's wealthiest families and hardly at all among its lower-income families.

The Head Start performance standards, which were last revised in 1975, will require many programs to phase in a longer operating day and year.


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