How Much Are You Paying for Child Care? Maybe Not as Much as You Think

A new analysis of Census Bureau data finds the overall increase over the past 20 years has been relatively modest, but affluent families and families who have preschool age children have seen the largest jumps.

Cincinnati Leaders Launch Preschool-for-All Initiative

Still to be decided: how many children would be eligible for the program, and how it would be funded. Backers plan to place a question on the ballot by November 2016.

Chinese Preschool Provider Partners with Chicago Early-Childhood Institute

RYB, China's largest private daycare and preschool provider, is partnering with the Erikson Institute to train its employees in best practices.

Minn. Gov. Vetoes State Budget Over Lack of Universal Preschool

The Minnesota legislature is heading to a special session over education funding, after Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton vetoed a spending bill on Tuesday that he said was inadequate.

$75 Billion Early-Education Bill Resurrected in U.S. House

The legislation's price tag and lack of bipartisan support mean it has little chance of passing as-is.

Input Sought on Policy Statement to Promote Inclusive Preschools

Young children with disabilities need everyday interactions with typically-developing peers, according to a draft statement from the U.S. Departments of Education and Health and Human Services

Minnesota Governor, Lawmakers in Budget Showdown Over Pre-K

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton is threatening to veto lawmakers' entire education budget bill if they don't include an additional $150 million for universal preschool.

Ask a Scientist: Can Early Educators Help a Child Suffering From Toxic Stress?

One factor that can effect proper cognitive development and learning is toxic stress, which Geoffrey Nagle of the Erikson Institute called "unremitting, unrelenting." But great teachers can help.

Lawmaker Honors Head Start, Solicits Comments to Improve Program

The public has until June 1 to send comments to the House Education committee, which is trying to write a new bill reauthorizing the 50-year-old program.

John Oliver Skewers America's (Lack Of) Paid Parental Leave Policy

Comedian John Oliver, host of "Last Week Tonight" on HBO, took on paid parental leave this week with a scathing monologue and his signature dry humor.

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