Why Aren't Low-Income Children in Silicon Valley Attending Preschool?

While 64 percent of children from non-low-income families attend preschool in Silicon Valley, only 48 percent of 4-year-olds from low-income families do, the Urban Institute says.

Ask a Scientist: Are Blocks, Books, or Talking Toys Best for Learning Language?

Turns out, the toys you buy your kids can affect how well they learn language, but maybe not in the way you think.

BTW, Preschool for 4-Year-Olds in Oklahoma Is Free

Oklahomans are a conservative bunch, by and large. Yet, support for one costly government intervention in the state is widespread: public preschool for 4-year-olds.

Parenting Skills Boosted by Video Feedback, Study Finds

Researchers have found that children of parents who received parenting coaching as part of their well-child visits had significantly higher attention skills and lower levels of aggression than children whose parents did not get the extra support.

Spending on State Preschool Programs Rises Again in 2015-16

For the fourth-straight year, state spending on publicly funded preschool has increased, according to the latest report by the Education Commission of the States.

New Early-Ed. Poll in Utah Finds Broad Support for Public Preschool

Voters in the conservative state, including a majority of Mormons, widely support public preschool, a survey finds, though respondents were divided on full-day kindergarten.

$26 Million Goes to New, National Early-Ed. Research Network

The Institute of Education Studies has just launched new research network focused on developing "reliable information and useful tools" for early educators and policymakers.

Ask a Scientist: What Can Parents Do To Make Infants Better At Learning?

Researchers at Vanderbilt University have found that exposing infants to certain experiences can make them better learners a full year later.

Early Education Again a Focus in States, But Will Action Follow?

Last year, there was far more talk than action among legislators and policymakers about expanding early-childhood education. The talk has started again.

'Moneyball for Head Start' Report Takes Data-Driven Approach to Improvement

Using data and evidence-based practices wisely will help improve the 50-year-old preschool program for low-income children, says a coalition of Head Start advocates and good governance groups.

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