The proposed Head Start rules, under development for years, are designed to align with the most up-to-date research on effective early-learning programs.

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential hopeful, would like to see a doubling of Head Start funding as well as funding for universal preschool.

If the legislative proposal gets the governor's signature as part of a larger budget package it would mean 5,000 new full-day state preschool spots, among other changes.

The Too Small to Fail initiative announced partnerships that will encourage parents to use laundry day and visits to the playgrounds as opportunities to talk, read, and sing with children.

Researchers used a natural division in "Sesame Street" viewership to gauge whether 1960s-era children who could easily watch the TV program fared better than children who lived in markets where the channel was harder to receive.

The Center for American Progress says services aimed at improving health and education outcomes for infants and toddlers from low-income families are often underfunded and provided in scattershot fashion.

T. Denny Sanford, ranked as one of the country's top philanthropists, is the inspiration behind a program aimed at improving children's social skills.

Who enrolls their children in preschool the most often? The National Center for Education Statistics summarizes these and other topics in its most recent Condition of Education report.

A study found that child-care workers could successfully use simple screening tools to flag students at risk of autism spectrum disorder, hopefully leading to earlier intervention and support.

Human development researcher Natasha Cabrera, a professor at the University of Maryland, looks into positive parenting among low-income families, and how fathers as well as mothers influence children's development.


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