The administration is pondering a rules change that would make it harder for people to get permanent U.S. residency if they're deemed a burden to taxpayers.

Congress averted a lengthy government shutdown by approving a bill that calls for billions in additional domestic spending, including for subsidized child care and home visiting.

A new study of the Chicago Child-Parent Centers showed that chidren who attended from preschool through 3rd grade had higher rates of college completion than peers who attended for fewer years.

Two state-based organizations are working to spread knowledge and resources on prekindergarten quality, teacher workforce issues, and funding challenges.

The federally-funded preschool program was supposed to offer a longer program day to children, but department officials chose to put off the requirement rather than cutting slots.

Republicans hope the prospect of longer-term funding for the health care program will encourage Democrats to vote for a bill to keep the government open until February.

The International Literacy Association released a report emphasizing that pre-K literacy means reading to children, giving them opportunities to play, letting them practice early writing, and providing high-quality books and digital media.

Researchers found positive impacts on honors course enrollment and grade retention among middle-school students in Tulsa who were enrolled in the city's prekindergarten program as 4-year-olds.

The past year saw a number of research studies that reinterated the importance of the early environment for young children, both in the home and in high-quality child-care and preschool programs.

The federal early-childhood program is looking for comments on changes that it says will help it zero in more closely on low-performing grantees.


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