Preschoolers are increasingly experiencing Sesame Street on digital platforms, not television.

Intervention increases possibility of attending, graduating from college

Some states forced to cut back or stop expanding programs

New study shows that young infants pay close attention to adult mouths while learning to make their own sounds.

Parents whose children were enrolled in federal Head Start programs were more likely to read to them, take them to museums, and participate in other activities to enrich their academics.

The winning states must now move toward practicing a range of ambitious policies for their early-childhood programs that serve at-risk children.

It's been a fun ride writing about early childhood for Education Week, but it's time for me to move on to new challenges. Early Years will be on hold until a new blogger takes over. At the same time Early Years makes a temporary downshift, early childhood is on the threshold of some big changes. Soon we'll know who won the federal Early Learning Challenge, and the winners will begin bringing to life their ambitious plans for early care and education from birth to five. My money's on Colorado and Pennsylvania to be among the winners, and I'd add Hawaii ...

Kids and tech expert Lisa Guernsey discusses the latest research on kids and media and offers advice for holiday tech giving: give time with tech. If you're going to give a Wii or Kinect, make time for family game nights. In the end, it's the fun interactions you have with your kids that will matter long after the tech toys bite the dust.

Since the stories from parents of children starting kindergarten got good response, today I'll show my own hand and tell you the tale of finding day care/preschool for my son, now 2 years old and known online as LT. Since he was born, LT has been at home, cared for by a combination of me, his dad, and a succession of part-time babysitters. We love Chicago, but don't love the fact that neither of us has family here to help out. Just over a year ago we were very lucky and found someone who has been our son's steady ...

A study released this month by the National Bureau of Economics Research challenges two key ideas in the current policy discussions around early childhood education.


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