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No longer is the struggle between bully and victim limited to the playground or face-to-face encounters. With advances in communications tools and a generation of tech-savvy young people, the matter of bullying is entering unchartered territory. Cyberbullies use emails, text messages, or Web sites to humiliate or threaten their targets, and they create a situation, complicated by factors like anonymity and jurisdiction, that can be difficult to resolve. Two widely publicized cases of cyberbullying have captured national attention. After being bullied online and at school for months, 13-year-old Ryan Patrick Halligan of Vermont committed suicide in 2003. In 2006, Missouri ...

It’s hard to find many teachers who say they entered this profession to earn the big bucks. But at the end of the day, a decent salary still matters, no matter what your occupation. So exactly how much do teachers make? How do teachers’ salaries compare to professions that require similar skills? How do salaries affect efforts to recruit and retain talented teachers? Quality Counts 2008 takes on some of these common questions with a new pay-parity-index. This index examines how public school teachers' earnings size up with those for workers in 16 comparably-skilled occupations, such as accountants, computer ...


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