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K-12Lead of the Week (2)


Opportunity Lies in a Substantial Federal Health in/and Education Project

From the September 24 issue of K-12Leads and Youth Service Markets Report

Announcement: Improving Health and Educational Outcomes of Young People Due October 23 (Sep 21), Center for Disease Control, Department of Health and Human Services

Their Description: Approximately $32,025,000 will be available in fiscal year 2008 to fund approximately 85 awards. The purpose of the program is to improve the health and well-being of youth and prepare them to be healthy adults.... Funding is made available to fund the following five Priority areas:

Priority 1: Youth Risk Behavior Survey.... Establish or strengthen systematic procedures to monitor critical health-related behaviors among high school students within the applicant’s jurisdiction through implementation of the YRBS....

Priority 2: HIV Prevention.... Enable state, territorial, and local agencies and tribal governments to help school districts and schools implement effective policies and practices to avoid, prevent, and reduce sexual risk behaviors among students that contribute to HIV infection....

Priority 3: Coordinated School Health Programs and Promotion of Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Tobacco-Use Prevention.... Enable state and territorial agencies and tribal governments to help school districts and schools implement a Coordinated School Health Program and, through this approach, increase effectiveness of policies and practices to promote physical activity, improve nutrition, and reduce tobacco use among students....

Priority 4: Asthma Management.... Enable local education agencies to help school districts and schools implement effective policies and practices to prevent and reduce asthma episodes and absences among students with asthma....

Priority 5: National Professional Development... Improve the capacity of state and local education agencies to effectively implement the activities for which they are funded in Priorities 1-4 through national professional development events, trainings and follow-up technical assistance....

Applicants are encouraged to coordinate their activities through cross-agency partnerships, such as between education and health agencies; across programmatic areas, such as HIV, sexually transmitted disease (STD), and teen pregnancy prevention, or physical activity, nutrition, and tobacco use prevention; by establishing or supporting coalitions; and/or across components of a Coordinated School Health Program.

Eligible Applicants... include... State Education Agencies (SEA)... State Health Agencies (SHA)... Albuquerque Public School District, Baltimore City Public School System, Boston Public Schools, Broward County Public Schools, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, City of Chicago School District, Clark County School District, Dallas Independent School District, DeKalb County School System, Detroit Public Schools, Duval County Public Schools, East Baton Rouge Parish School System, Fort Worth Independent School District, Fresno Unified School District, Hillsborough County Public Schools, Houston Independent School District), Jefferson Parish Public Schools, Los Angeles Unified School District, Memphis City Schools, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Milwaukee Public Schools, New York City Department of Education, Newark Public Schools, Oakland Unified School District, Orange County Public Schools, The School District of Palm Beach County, The School District of Philadelphia, San Bernardino City Unified School District, San Diego Unified School District, San Francisco Unified School District, and Seattle Public Schools....

Our Thoughts: Health - be it weight control, drug and violence, sexual activity, self-abuse, athletics, or the recognition of psychological damage from violence and natural disaster - is becoming an important part of public education. Here’s a rare chance to get in on the ground floor.


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