Expect to see more gatekeeping to market entry.

Where parties appear to be independent, but are in fact closely related and share interests, but this is not disclosed, the effect on readers is misleading per se. NYT Magazine editor Paul Tough provides edbizbuzz with a case study of the problem.

The reason why small and medium size providers don’t spend much money on research is that the entrenched opposition in the education community doesn’t really care. Their hostility is ideologically based not performance related.

If one goal of NCLB is to encourage new investment in new firms with new effective school improvement programs, the implementation of the law’s SBR and RB provisions could hardly be less helpful. No investor can look at this history and feel any confidence in the government’s interest in investors concerns, real choice or what works.

edbizbuzz readers should listen to this hearing to appreciate that politicians are quite familiar with the class of problem school improvement providers are bringing to the table. The industry’s task is to frame the problem like Green Technology or space transportation, instead of having to explain when it will stop "taking money from the mouths of babes."

Whether you choose to take on one of these management contracts, or provide k-12 services to the system, this is a must read for those interested in juvenile justice education.

When the same people and entities appear as organizers, moderators, speakers, discussants and panelists in a series of conferences on roughly the same topic, that pattern has meaning. Either no one else has anything to say that is worthy of attention, or this group has decided what is important to say and who is important to hear.

Yesterday I attended parts of the Education Industry Association’s annual Washington policy conference. My observations.

There are any number of issues around the SES provisions of a reauthorized NCLB, but if SES providers do not also weigh in on the law’s accountability provisions – and particularly those related to the calculation of Adequate Yearly Progress – there may not be much of an SERS market to pursue.

Does the pattern of foundation grants suggest coordination, concerted action, a network, an alliance?


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