I could swear I read something like this by Dr. Doyle in Ed Week or a similar publication when I began my transition at RAND from national security to public education with the end of the Cold War in 1989. If not by him, then someone equally well-known at the time.

In our dynamic society, the digital world is a force for decentralization, creativity, and choice. The American way is to reject social engineering and rejoice in the multiple ways to skin a cat. Yet American public education has implemented technology in a manner reminiscent of Soviet Five Year Plans.

In public education accountability consists of standards, consequences and due process. Standards without consequences and due process amounts to reporting. Consequences without standards and due process is tyranny. Due process without standards and consequences defines a discussion group. If the purpose of accountability is to advance a social goal, all three elements must be present.

Last Friday PLATO shares closed at $3.50. The... decline is more complex than being outmaneuvered... by... publishers. I believe it is the combination of a politicized buying process, decision-makers that are rewarded modestly for success yet punished severely for failure... that have... kept alternative content contained in the supplemental box.

Provide Program/Project Management services for implementation of a system for the NC Common Education Data Analysis and Reporting System (NC CEDARS) in the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI).

Edbizbuzz readers please note. Sunday night my DSL modem decided to stop working. I am finally connected and have caught up on my to do list. Expect several postings to follow. One piece of advice for those who depend on a modem for their livelihood - buy and test a back-up....

I'm what was once called a "Rockefeller Republican" or a "(Scoop) Jackson Democratic."

Finances are another external explanation for the marginal status of market based-reform. But like opposition, this is a factor beyond the control of reformers. The individual organizations that are reform movements and the organizations that purport to represent the movements haven’t done very well with the cash they have received.

In my experience, market-based reform efforts do not realize their mainstream potential for three reasons.

In this market, school districts almost certainly can develop some kind of real estate opportunity for their teaching staff.


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