Regulation based on Scientifically Based Research is not fundamentally a problem of capacity. It's one of interest.

For liberals, the political choice on NCLB is obvious – go along with the institutions. But the moral consequence of that choice can only haunt the conscience.

We know from other research that outcomes relate to the quality of implementation and implementation relates to the quality of teacher and agency support.The products and services are not pills; they are programs. If teachers don't like them, if administrators won't provide the support, their benefits are purely theoretical.

On the whole, 2007 will be a difficult year for school improvement providers. I expect neither a catastrophe, nor a cakewalk. Today’s best school improvement providers will eke out some growth in sales, the least sustainable may go out of business.

The Administration has requested $117,666,000 for awards for the Early Reading First program for FY 2008, of which we intend to use an estimated $116,489,340 for this competition.

The rationale for requiring schools districts to be part of a teacher induction program application is obvious. Why their partners must be universities, government agencies or nonprofits is not.

I needed to provide more services with fewer resources, and I needed to do it quickly,” Dr. Van Handel said.... So he sought help from a surprising source -- teachers with postgraduate degrees, half a world away in India.

Industry access to Washington policy is predominately through Republican and conservative doors. Until that changes, we are subject to “material” political risk.... Our trade groups need to attract Democrats, while maintaining ties to Republicans. The industry must create a political base pegged on the vital center.

The demand for third party school improvement program evaluation services will only grow over the next decade.

The new version of the DC law strikes me as an awkward attempt to split the difference between the pure "at will" employment status the Mayor and and Chancellor want for the Central Office staff, and the constitutional entitlement they have to their jobs today. (Is that another way of saying it combines northern charm with southern efficiency?)


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