Congress has helped Head Start opened the door to quality for-profits. It’s time to walk through.

Watching Rhee over the last several months remind me of nothing so much watching a dictator seize the reins of power. Quo vadis? Where can this lead?

We've reached a point in public education where the informed taxpayer and the generalist elected official can't rely on data and analysis ostensibly provided to shed light on important policy problems.

The vast bulk of k-12 budgets are essentially fixed, most of the discretionary resources available to improve schools relate to the purchase of products, services and programs. If we can't spend them strategically, as the result of decisions based on analysis rather than acquaintance, how do we expect to raise student performance.

Every year media representatives attend a select number of education trade shows. Companies can capitalize on this opportunity by arranging “show floor meetings” with attendees.

If we expect to improve the public school districts, we have to move away from the image of a Superintendent or Chancellor as the man or woman on a white horse. Michelle Rhee is no silver bullet, although that’s precisely the implication of giving her virtually unlimited power to hire and fire government staff and pick and chose her own school contractors.

Plato, Renaissance and Scientific Learning aren’t Frank Lucas and won’t be. They can’t beat the publishers at their own game. If companies like these are to succeed as investments, the changes made to the rules in state and federal legislation need to be completed in regulation and enforcement. No one is going to do it, if these companies don't themselves.

Free Equity Capital For Product Development...

I’ve yet to see such an opportunity for “action research,” tying theory to practical operations and bringing costs into the equation. This is a classic “systems analysis.”

There's a whole lot of talk in education about accountability - generally coming from the top down and more broadly from the elite down. I'm all for accountability, but if and only if it runs both ways.


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