Even in business, for every Exxon that tries to get out of responsibility for its tanker's oil spill in Prince William Sound, there's a Johnson&Johnson/McNeil that embraces its accountability for a third party's tampering with Tylenol. K-12 buyers take note - it's not about tax status. You'll need to look behind that label to assess the quality and commitment of your business partners

Journalists are a key audience for most organizations because they are “gatekeepers” of information, charged with deciding what news is worthy of dissemination.

You don't have to agree with the point of view expressed in Latest Evidence to leave the site knowing more about k-12 program evaluation than when when you arrived.

The more the publishers believe Wireless Generation is a viable initial public offering opportunity, the more they will be willing to pay to avoid it.

School improvement providers that can ally with moderate Democrats need a presence in Washington if they hope to preserve and expand the industry.

"It's just stupid and mean and unnecessary," said Marc Dean Millot, the editor of School Improvement Industry Weekly, based in Alexandria, Va., who believes Rhee is just deepening the resistance. "These guys are going to stand by, watch her screw up and be glad to help her pack.

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If you sell anything in virtual learning, now is the time to seek and take on as much business as possible. If you don’t, you should be thinking about how to partner with those that do.

When you've dug yourself into a hole, the first thing to do is stop digging. So, my sincere apologies to the eduwonk.

The school improvement industry has billions of dollars of revenue at stake. Relying on the usual suspects for warning is another way of saying you get what you pay for. It's time to start putting some resources behind an industry capacity for indications and warning.


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