Will Russo turn his scathing wit on Scholastic, say only good things about his sponsor, or say nothing at all? K-12 trade print publications have tended towards the second two. I expect the same from their blogs. (Uncompensated) unaligned bloggers' value-add/competitive advantage has been independence. As the first professional k-12 blogger to choose free agency in our market, Russo has a special responsibility to stay on the straight and narrow.

Until the movement is able to align school founders and foundation finance with an operationally oriented leadership representative of most charter schools, charters will remain an idea for the future rather than the present.

The Internet has altered the communications landscape for most information industries, including Public Relations, and the press release has evolved along with the industry.

Like school districts, military commands are large organization. And they look like structures for top-down management. But political scientists call public education a "loosely coupled system" for a reason....

Competition creates losers as well as winners, and for a variety of reasons some charters and some traditional schools just won't survive. Some wont attract enough students to be financially viable, others wont produce test scores that justify remaining open.

Together with S. 2118, S. 2117 offers investors clear evidence of Congressional resolve to reinforce NCLB’s original intent that only programs of demonstrated effectiveness be purchased with federal funds.

This business opportunity offers one example the indirect approach towards school districts.

Having studied, worked with and invested in owner-operated k-12 firms - and started my own small business in the field several years ago, I can say that there is nothing quite like the mindset of people who have placed everything they own and are behind an idea. It may not be a better or worse mindset, but it is different enough from working for other people, or just with other peoples' money, or with philanthropy's free money that it deserves its own label.

The idea that school improvement program purchases would be based on anything but value; i.e. results at a price, is simply disgusting.

K-12 education needs its own C|NET, and 1105 Media could build it with Education Plaza.


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