Angel Learning represents the kind of school improvement business investors should be looking into if they believe the promise of online public education.

S. 2118, introduced by Senators Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) and Richard Lugar (R-IN), merely spells out standards for evaluation that define what school improvement providers have always done, will always do, and reasonably assumed NCLB mandated for everyone else.

Without an “integrated student information system,” it will be very hard for any district to leave no child behind. As this RFP suggests, the phrase remains an oxymoron rather than a description of reality on the ground, and so a worthy market.

To hold educators accountable for results - especially with the historically neglected subgroups that are the focus on NCLB, we have to be able to show some capacity to meet the needs of these students at scale.

Any leader of a state education agency, school district or teachers union looking at what it will take to approach NCLB's goal of 100 percent student performance can only be worried about what it means for their organization and the adults they represent. The vast majority can only be expected to balk, and do what they can to slow things down.

Investing now in DeVry is to invest in a firm that has diversified its risks - and just maybe added to the pipeline for its post-secondary students. Investing in K-12 is to make a bet on a firm that's placed all its eggs in one basket.

t is ironic that in 2007 people are arguing the 100%/2014 is an impossible dream. I would have a great deal more sympathy if this was 2012 and schools were meeting a 90% target.

Proficency targets are the single most important factor determining the size of the school improvement market as measured by potential sales revenues.

Education reporting is not about any provider’s offering, even when the provider dominates the story.

Middle grade teacher preparation across the state; an outside contractor (so outsourcing is already happening); and all kinds of ties to schools, teachers’ colleges and state education agencies.


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