It's hard to follow the industry, and for the next few days, I’ll share some research strategies.

The subject of market freedom was brought to my attention by a mass email from the Education Industry Association. In it, Executive Director Steve Pines provided information on provisions in the Miller/McKeon Discussion Draft that would directly or indirectly exclude for-profits from nine Title I school improvement programs. Are students or taxpayers disadvantaged or put at risk by products, services and programs offered by organizations that pay taxes? Listen here....

From the September 24 issue of K-12Leads and Youth Service Markets Report.

Review State System of K-12 Education Finance...

Today, most k-12 program evaluation is, at best. a single snapshot of what worked - or not - where and when.

The model of "practical evaluation" developed as part of the NAS strategy for design dissemination was essential to whatever level of success was attained, and something any school district attempting systemic reform avoids at its peril.

“Practical evaluation” involves more than grading the efficacy of a school improvement program, it informs operating decisions.

Program results matter. The reason they matter is the present No Child Left Behind Act’s requirement that schools make Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) towards 100% student proficiency in key subjects by 2014 or their students will be offered a range of help – and, more important, the adults in those schools will face a series of unpleasant consequences.

Republican presidential candidate Fred Thompson said... President Bush’s signature education program isn’t working and that he would provide federal education money with fewer strings attached. Associated Press Whatever you think of the substance of Thompson’s comments, what he said is much closer to the historical locus of Republican Party policy than George Bush’s No Child Left Behind. This fact has significant implications for a school improvement industry that placed most of its political eggs in baskets now held by a lame duck President and a Republican party well in retreat on Capitol Hill. Listen here....

Online Public Education is a Highway, Not a Turnkey Factory...


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