No matter which party wins the White House in 2008, opponents to NCLB I are likely to get a better NCLB II if they wait until after the election.

My critique goes more a mismatch of what education needs and SREE’s proclaimed mission versus the Society’s actions.

To help readers up the learning curve of my gestalt – and to offer readers a different way of understanding public education, over the next week edbizbuzz will include postings that cover my take on public education’s stakeholder groups, with links to relevant materials I’ve produced over the years. Teachers are the right place to start.

After a very slow start, the What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) is starting to pump out reviews across a range of subjects, grades and providers.

I was surprised at the number of investments that took place in July and August.

The heart of charter schooling is not innovation in management or pedagogy, but a social movement – driven by the idea that public schools should be of, by and for the communities they serve.

The Miller/McKeon “Discussion Draft” signals the beginning of a very long end to the reauthorization of No Child Left Behind.

Partnering with NASA is not rocket science....

Become embedded in school improvement planning under NCLB.

This blog is neither an apologist for k-12’s education industry, nor its watchdog.


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