Participating in awards programs strengthens your company’s reputation, boosts morale,and helps with recruiting efforts. The news also fares well with board members and investors. Most importantly,awards build awareness of your company in the education industry.

Ayers views on education are inconsequential, in the sense that they are not the basis of teaching and learning in many America schools or classrooms. The philosophical bases of the pedagogies proposed by Ayers on the left or E.D. Hirsch on the right are so far over the heads of teachers and administrators that their debate is quite literally "purely academic."

Ayers' decision to form the Weatherman was a huge mistake. Bombings carried out by the Weathermen were illegal.

If the center of the AERA’s political gravity lies near the Democratic Party’s social liberal left, Fordham and Manhattan lean towards the Republican Party’s social conservative right. There's nothing inherently subversive or wrong with either group's relationships or objectives. It's just a description of facts on the ground and of the protagonists in our "culture wars."

The Story Breaks William Ayers, now a professor at the University Illinois - Chicago, was a founding member of the Weather Underground. To summarize and simplify solely for the purpose of starting this discussion (more detail to follow), the Weathermen bombed government buildings to protest America’s prosecution of the Vietnam War. In the wake of September 11, bombings are understandably a matter of great sensitivity to all Americans. Independent of this, the Weathermen are a “hot button” issue for most Americans old enough to have become engaged in domestic politics from the late 1960’s to the late 1970’s....

The debate around former Weatherman William Ayers - his past activities, his political philosophy, his views on education, his personal and professional relationships, and the individuals and organizations who have those relationships - says far mare about the nature of policymaking in public education than many realize.

K-12 education agencies request private sector assistance with message and outreach strategies all the time. I don’t know how the practice compares with other agencies but, as the Bush Administration can tell you, it's a problematic area.

Open source software is not free and it has its security vulnerabilities. On the other hand, it is inherently more flexible, and the security of proprietary software is not always air-tight either.

Respectfully.... I did not call Mike a McCarthyite in my initial posting on the subject, although I did say his approach heads us in that direction.

I tried not to call Mike Petrilli a McCarthyite, but to emphasize the direction Mike's rhetoric could take us.


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