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July 01, 2008

School Improvement RFP of the Week (1): Assessing Maryland's Tests Against Maryland's Standards

Someday, someone will come up with an automated “expert systems” approach to standards alignment.

June 24, 2008

School Improvement RFP of the Week (2): The State of School District Procurement

Today, the nation is focused on the conservation of hydrocarbons to ameliorate the energy crisis. We might consider improving the efficiency of k-12's basic support functions like purchasing before throwing more money at that problem.

June 24, 2008

School Improvement RFP of the Week (1): Reading First Center Teaches Us About Conflicts of Interest

“Impaired objectivity”:... financial interests... in connection with products, property, or services that may be purchased... implementing any program administered by the Department; significant connections to teaching methodologies... or... identification with pedagogical... viewpoints that might... encourage the use of a specific curriculum.....

June 17, 2008

School Improvement RFP of the Week (2): Do You Offer California a Strategy from Column A, B or C?

An estimated $58 million in funding has been allocated for new 2008-09 SIF grants to serve schools in PI Year 5+ and is available on a competitive basis....

June 17, 2008

School Improvement RFP of the Week (1): Buld a Turnkey Online Platform for Indiana

The system described in this document is intended to serve as the backbone for technology services to schools from the DOE. The DOE will ultimately assume responsibility for deployment and ongoing support of the application....

June 10, 2008

School Improvement RFP of the Week (2): Expert Systems for High School Students’ Career Guidance

Over time, staff salaries will be traded for technology licenses.

June 10, 2008

School Improvement RFP of the Week (1): Fans of Clayton Christensen Take Note

This is basic research, the source of all product development.

June 02, 2008

School Improvement RFP of the Week: Is There a Business in Schoolyard Habitats?

School improvement providers on the lookout for grants they might leverage to market their programs. Here is an opportunity with a one-to-one dollar match - including in-kind contributions

May 27, 2008

School Improvement of RFP of the Week (2): First Steps To a Federal Infrastructure for K-12 Online?

Today, firms like Blackboard and K12 own the k-12 information turnpike, on and off ramps, filling stations, rest stops, long-haul vehicles, and much of its workforce.When/if the feds own the channel, service and content become king and the fragmentation of market providers inevitable. Prices and profits will fall.

May 27, 2008

School Improvement RFP of the Week (I): Can We Expect Independent Program Evaluation if It’s Not Put Out to Bid?

DC Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee, DC City Council, American Enterprise Resident Scholar Frederick Hess, Brown University Professor Kenneth Wong, the Public Education Fund, and those with an interest in objective reviews take note.

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