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May 12, 2008

Help D-Ed Reckoning and Edbizbuzz De/Re-Construct NCLB's SBRR Provisions

If you think the education evaluator's debate over value-added models is arcane, this argument between lawyers is about the meaning on of two words - "based on" as in "based on scientifically based reading research."

January 31, 2008

The Letter From: Where Provider Accountability Went Wrong

Firms committed to demonstrating efficacy through rigorous evaluation exist and some have been reasonably successful, but while their success might have something to do with the spirit of NCLB, it also happened despite the law’s administration.

January 08, 2008

The "Program Evaluation" Bar - Why Just for SES Providers?

Regulation based on Scientifically Based Research is not fundamentally a problem of capacity. It's one of interest.

January 05, 2008

Making Sense of School Improvement Program Evaluations (II): The Case of TEEM

We know from other research that outcomes relate to the quality of implementation and implementation relates to the quality of teacher and agency support.The products and services are not pills; they are programs. If teachers don't like them, if administrators won't provide the support, their benefits are purely theoretical.

December 20, 2007

Making Sense of School Improvement Program Evaluations: The Case of TEEM

When the stakes are perhaps several decades of expenses associated with the education of every Texas preschooler, prudent decision makers should establish a timetable of and conditions for “go/no go” decisions.

December 02, 2007

Random Research Question

Does evaluation prove out the idea that older teachers add more value to student performance in inner city settings? in any setting? in general?

November 26, 2007

Let the What Works Clearinghouse Know What's Important

If you read, you have an interest in What Work Clearinghouse priorities, and I hope you'll let it know how you think they should be spending the taxpayers' money.

November 09, 2007

Business Blogs: Empirical Education

You don't have to agree with the point of view expressed in Latest Evidence to leave the site knowing more about k-12 program evaluation than when when you arrived.

September 23, 2007

Experience With Practical Evaluation (III): Today

Today, most k-12 program evaluation is, at best. a single snapshot of what worked - or not - where and when.

September 21, 2007

Experience With “Practical Evaluation”(I)

“Practical evaluation” involves more than grading the efficacy of a school improvement program, it informs operating decisions.

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