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A call to action for the first day of school: how will you change the world?

An introduction to technology integration in a new MOOC from MIT.

MOOC developers should focus on the creation of activities and interactives, and less on high quality video.

Students leave MOOCs because they get too busy; can we help them stick their plans better?

Beyond curating and publishing, digital portfolios play a critical role in helping students to determine not only what they learned but also how and why.

MOOC research has a mixed record on helping us understand which students are likely to persist through a course.

What schools can learn from how businesses are using new technology to support employee mentoring.

One of the signature findings of MOOC research is the tremendous diversity of MOOC learners. How can we serve them best?

Two research studies show that students appreciate the flexibility to pursue MOOCs at their own pace, but they benefit from returning regularly to the course activities.


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