There are three great media events coming up in the next 30 hours.

I arrive at the final of my three part series of Automated Essay Score Predictors.In this final post, I offer a scenario of how Automated Essay Score Predictors could be used in a progressive history course in an elite private school.

How could machines that automatically grade essays lead to Deeper Learning? On the face of it, the premise sounds preposterous. But I'm increasingly convinced that there is a potentially powerful policy strategy here, and this post provides an overview. But first, a review of what Automated Essay Scoring programs are.

Do new technologies and new media truly transform practice, or are they amplifiers of well-established pedagogies?

Automated Essay Scoring software programs can grade essays as well as humans. That was one of the key findings from a new Hewlett Foundation study of Automated Essay Scoring (AES) tools produced by eight commercial vendors and one open source entry from Carnegie Mellon University.

I was getting all ready to write up my two presentations from AERA today, when I found out on twitter that my new friend and colleague Janine Lim had already done it (on her fabulously titled blog Out on a Lim). These are two works in progress, papers where I have some findings but haven't put things together in a publishable form.

My own contribution to the Hewlett Grantee Meeting was a talk entitled "When Open Encounters Different Classrooms," which is part of my ongoing campaign to raise serious concerns about issues of equity and education technology.

The richest exchanges on day two of the Hewlett Open Educational Resources Grantee Meeting came from those who challenged the fundamental premises of the meeting.

I spent the afternoon at the Hewlett Open Educational Resources Grantee Meeting, and the heart of the agenda was brainstorming obstacles to the widespread adoption of Open Educational Resources (OER) and giving the Hewlett program officers a chance to talk about trends and changes in the landscape related to OER.

I'm spending this week at the annual Hewlett Open Educational Resources Grantee Meeting, where a group of developers, educators, and researchers are gathering to discuss the advancement of Open Educational Resources or OER.


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