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The PBS show looks at subjects from ages 9 to 19, with special attention to some of the medical questions and issues they face.

The TV journalist-turned-education advocate announced a new online news organization to cover education reform and described as having "a point of view."

The film about a Virginia team with a highly recruited defensive lineman captures all the drama, joy, and tragedy of high school football.

A documentary looks at some of the history of women in computers, as well as efforts to increase opportunities for girls to study computer science.

The film looks at High Tech High, an innovative San Diego charter school, through the lens of the history of secondary education in the United States.

A new reality-TV show, "Mother Funders," introduces us to the moms trying to raise money to aid their local schools in a Georgia community.

The ABC Family channel show about a blended family of biological, adopted, and foster children of biracial lesbian parents addresses topics that include education.

"If You Build It" looks at a program to help students in a rural North Carolina district build something that will aid their community.


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