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Boston, Chicago, and New Jersey Monthly magazines use differing methodologies to rank public high schools (and elementary schools, in one case).

Stanford University tops the list as The Journal joins with a British partner for its inaugural rankings of U.S. colleges, joining a crowded field of other publications.

The new situation comedy revolves around a 16-year-old with cerebral palsy who communicates through a device that doesn't bar his sarcasm and mischief.

"Time for School 2003-2016" follows one student each in Afghanistan, Benin, Brazil, India, and Kenya as they seek to overcome obstacles to schooling.

A two-hour documentary explores topics such as brain development, grit and emotional engagement, and equity in looking at how today's education system might be transformed.

Spotlight Education week continues with "Frontline" reports on for-profit colleges and a "TED Talks" special featuring a mix of education voices.

The film, part of the "POV" series, examines the challenges faced by students from a tough inner-city neighborhood as they choose different college paths.

"College GameDay" provides a nice report on the viral photo of the college football player who sat down with a boy who usually ate alone.

The news organization found many education angles to pursue in the weeks after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

The New York Times continues its recent tradition of devoting a September issue of the Sunday magazine to interesting education articles.

Several documentaries and special episodes of top public television shows such as "Frontline," "NOVA," and "POV" will fill the air with education topics.

The news organization, which was founded just as President Ronald Reagan's administration was shaking up education policy debates, faces its future with a new leader.

The education organization decides to go with a different polling organization after after 47 years of conducting a survey of U.S. attitudes about education policy with Gallup.


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