The film offers a compelling look at a "continuation" high school in the California desert, where students have their last chance to earn a diploma.

The newspaper has been reporting on a common national culture for colleges and universities that it helped to create since its founding in 1966.

The selection of school choice advocate Betsy DeVos for secretary of education puts The 74, founded by the former TV journalist, in an awkward position.

The late-night host offers a skit featuring schoolchildren with an update of the first Thanksgiving story "to reflect our modern sensitivities."

Ellen Degeneres uses her syndicated program to spotlight the Center for Advanced Learning, a charter in a part of South-Central Los Angeles where gangs are rampant.

The new coming-of-age film features Woody Harrelson as a world-weary but understanding teacher to angst-ridden Hailee Steinfeld's high school girl.

On the nightly public television news show, Ifill often introduced segments on education produced by Education Week Video, the show's main partner on education news.

The documentary about the shootings of 20 children and six staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut will be shown at theaters nationwide on Wednesday.

The half-hour show features enterprise reporting, such as its first education piece about a community with a four-day school week.

The film is the first from the James Patterson book series about a middle school student dealing with school rules that don't always make sense.


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