The British comic looked at state lotteries and whether they are fulfilling their promise of helping education. His verdict: They are not.

Haley Joel Osment plays a teacher who develops a sex education curriculum for his students seemingly without any meddling by other educators.

Hanna Rosin looks at the research and visits an area where a sexting scandal unfolded to understand why teenagers do it.

After teachers' unions and others attacked the cover on teacher tenure, Time Editor Nancy Gibbs defended her magazine.

The board president criticizes the beat reporter of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, but reporters have their own beefs with tactics of the district.

The AFT president appears on MSNBC to criticize the magazine cover, though she's OK with the story about efforts to end teacher tenure.

The magazine examines the Vergara ruling in California and whether it might be the start of something big.

Jay Mathews recalls how the legendary editor pushed for better schools coverage in the suburbs and let him pursue book projects on education topics.

A special report by the magazine says many homeless students persevere in sports because it provides them structure and hope.

Stephen Colbert went head to head with William Deresiewicz over his critique of U.S. elite higher education.

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