The syndicated game show offered a category called "Non-Common Core Math," with, you know, real math addition and subtraction required.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune is targeted after it ran ads from a group opposing letting transgendered students play on sports teams of their affirmed gender identity.

Media Matters for America reports that on average only 9 percent of weekday evening cable segments on education policy feature educators.

The show offers its own take on the classic vignette on how a bill becomes a law ("I'm Just a Bill").

The film follows three teenage boys who deal with grim family life and wrenchingly poor conditions, but somehow find hope in their circumstances.

The British comic looked at state lotteries and whether they are fulfilling their promise of helping education. His verdict: They are not.

Haley Joel Osment plays a teacher who develops a sex education curriculum for his students seemingly without any meddling by other educators.

Hanna Rosin looks at the research and visits an area where a sexting scandal unfolded to understand why teenagers do it.

After teachers' unions and others attacked the cover on teacher tenure, Time Editor Nancy Gibbs defended her magazine.

The board president criticizes the beat reporter of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, but reporters have their own beefs with tactics of the district.

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