How to Make Inquiry-Based Learning Work in Your Classroom

These best practices and sample activities will help teachers give their students the right guidance on research projects. A guest post by Ted Levine Trendy approaches to teaching come and go, but some of them stick around. Inquiry-based learning, for example, is no longer a trend--it's the dominant mode of instruction for many educators around the country. Inquiry-based learning gives students a choice about what they will study, which leads to greater engagement. For educators who are new to this model, this article by Terry Heick lays out the four phases of inquiry-based learning (interaction, clarification, questioning, and design) and ...

Using Blended Learning to Increase Reading Proficiency in Early Grades

With schools facing increasing pressure to have their rd graders read at grade level, technology can be a huge help.

Learning to Code the Hard Way

When Megan Harney had specific educational software needs, she learned to code and built it herself. She wants others to learn to do the same.

New Year, New Legislation, New Opportunities

Why ESSA's biggest impact will be felt outside the classroom A guest post by Dr. Stephan Knobloch As an educator who specializes in research, I often counsel school administrators and teachers who are frustrated by what they see as complex and confusing federal and state policy requirements affecting their students. As the nation's schools open their doors on 2016, I wonder how many school leaders share a similar sentiment when trying to wrap their post-holiday brains around the vast and uncertain implications of the recently passed Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The bipartisan passage of ESSA introduced a handful of ...

Virtual Learning Offers Missouri Students Many Paths to Graduation

Missouri Options, a part of the VLC, is a state-organized program that allows students who cannot graduate the traditional way and opportunity to graduate with their class and receive a regular high school diploma.

Every Obstacle Is an Opportunity

Located in the Chicago suburbs, J. Sterling Morton High School District 201 is a diverse district where failure simply is not an option, and every student knows it. We believe success isn't measured by a standardized test, but by demonstrating mastery through application of knowledge.

Calibrating Coaches: 4 Reasons to Foster Great Instructional Coaching

Before the benefits of instructional coaching can be truly realized, educators must know what great coaching really looks like.

What CSI Can Teach ELA

Teaching is not about theoretical knowledge. It's about using everything at your disposal to accomplish your goals -- including pop culture references that tie in learning concepts.

Pointing the Way to Careers, Then College

It is more important than ever that our students are exposed to resources during their teen years to help them prepare for life after graduation, whether they choose a university or a trade school--or opt to go directly into the workforce.

Intergenerational Poverty Comes to a Halt Thanks to Community-Wide Vision

"I Have a Dream" Oregon has taken on what seems like the impossible task in giving hundreds of students everything they need to graduate high school, attend college, and gain economic independence. The first-in-the-nation Dreamer school's goal is for 100 percent of its students to earn a diploma, and 80 percent to earn a post-secondary degree or certificate.

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