As we've engaged in the important work of building more effective support systems for teachers, video continues to show promise as a method of getting support closer to classroom practice while also offering opportunities to support the growth of those who observe and coach teachers.

Computers and all their silicon associates have cemented themselves into the modern world. Cell phones, laptops, iPods, iPads, tablets - the list goes on and on. Technology-literacy has become a mandatory part of success in today's world.

As the rate of students with learning disabilities increase, it is important for teachers to know proper techniques for teaching students with learning disabilities. However, you do not need to be a licensed doctor to implement strategies in your classroom.

Managing behavior in the classroom is one of the aspects of teaching that new teachers find the most frustrating. Although misbehavior is easy to identify, finding the solution to effectively deal with it by finding the root causes may be more difficult.

Standardized testing has practically become a tradition within the American school system. But why? How did standardized assessment become such a big part of education? How does it really work?

Cornell University recently released new research that demonstrates that women have largely been left out of the vocational education and apprenticeship equation.

A recent survey from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute shows teachers have varied feelings about Common Core math. According to Education Week, a whopping 85 percent of teachers surveyed agree that parents don't understand the new way math is being taught, so the reinforcement of learning math in the home is declining.

Alabama isn't synonymous with educational excellence. According to, Alabama high schools rank 37th in the nation and was one of eight states to receive a grade of D+ or less from the Quality Counts 2016 report. From school finance to student achievement, Alabama has traditionally lagged behind other states.

If we understand the attributes of effectiveness, we can observe which attributes exist at successful schools.

While there's no doubt that standardized assessment has become a driving force in education, it's not yet universally agreed that this is a good thing.


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