Asian-American Pacific Islander students include but are not limited to Chinese, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Laotian, and Samoan Americans, yet are all placed under the racial group "Asian" by the Department of Education. This often makes it difficult to compile academic statistics associated with each subgroup.

Despite segregation being outlawed over 60 years ago, a new report shows that it still exists and in some cases, is even getting worse.

Funded by the state of Utah, the program called UPSTART was launched seven years ago. The 4-year-old and parent or caregiver are instructed to devote 15 minutes a day, five days a week using the software. UPSTART teaches the alphabet, numbers, and how to spell your name and incorporates songs and games to entice the user. For families who didn't already have a computer and Internet capabilities, the state provides these free of charge.

With the push in Washington D.C. schools for more opportunities for young men of color, are young women of color being left behind?

With mounting research showing that standardized, big-data testing is not improving education, is it time to take a step back and focus on "small data" trends instead?

The number of K-12 students receiving special education services has risen from the 2011 - 2012 school year, but what are the contributing factors?

A recent study connects participation in after-school programs with higher academic achievement for disadvantaged students.

As actor Hill Harper's mentoring organization Manifest Your Destiny turns 10, he is refocusing its efforts on a group close to his heart: black boys.

A South Carolina school that formerly banned a transgendered student from a restroom, and then suspended him, has changed its tune and is agreeing to erase the suspension from the student's record.

Though ESSA places emphasis on STEM subjects, incorporating the arts in creative ways is vital to continued student success.


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