The "My Brother's Keeper" program championed by President Obama just received $20 million in funding at the state level in New York. The program is designed to guide black young men through academic journeys, among other pursuits.

By splitting a group of 100 students into four groups, four teachers were able to rotate the classes through a cross-curricular STEM project.

Students who are exposed to arts education show promise in other academic areas and show behavioral benefits too. So why aren't all educators doing more to save these programs in K-12 schools?

A report from three respected education organizations has found that K-12 schools in the U.S. are underfunded and unable to keep up with what students must know to get ahead.

Donald Trump told CNN's Anderson Cooper that he believes the U.S. Department of Education plays a vital role in how children are educated in America -- a departure from a previous statement when Trump said he would get rid of the Department altogether.

Parental engagement should tap technology, beyond email, to really involve families in what students are working to accomplish in classrooms.

Sean Combs, better known as "Diddy," has put his name and clout behind a new charter school that will open in East Harlem this fall. Capital Preparatory Harlem Charter School will work in conjunction with charter school leader Steve Perry's Capital Prep Magnet School that's based in Connecticut.

Social media use in classrooms is on the rise, but does this implementation of technology really help students learn?

Artificial Intelligence systems that take the place of current evaluation tools are in the works. Will AI improve the teaching and learning experience, or automate it at the expense of educators and students?

Harvard's "By All Means: Redesigning Education to Restore Opportunity" project examines a multitude of factors that affect children's lives outside their school environments. The initiative is founded on the idea that the key to improving student achievement across the board is for the policymakers and administrators to stop focusing exclusively on the schools themselves.


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