Income has a major impact on success in K-12 schools and perception plays into the number of students who drop out of high school before earning a diploma.

The price for oil nationally is falling and that means less funding for education in Alaska.

Nationally, reading performance among traditionally disadvantaged groups, including low-income students and English-language learners, has risen over the past 20 years, but significant achievement gaps with their white, affluent counterparts remain. Remedying this issue and ensuring equitable education were at the core of legislators' and advocacy groups' efforts to remake the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB).

Bowie State University will begin offering a Queer Cultural Studies course that emphasizes the role LGBTQ+ individuals have played in U.S. history.

A group of Florida parents pushing for required recess in public elementary schools did not get a chance to present the request to the state Senate.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has written a blistering letter to the Department of Education's acting secretary of education, John B. King Jr., regarding how the department handles student loan fraud. In the letter, Warren accuses the department of not having a proper handle on student loan contractors, and specifically cites its relationship with Navient, formerly known as Sallie Mae.

When it comes to boundary changes for schools, a multitude of players must be consulted, including district experts, selected committee members, the school board, community and parents, and a facilitator.

President Obama's proposed 2017 education budget seeks $120 million for greater socioeconomic integration in schools and there's strong evidence that it may help close the achievement gap.

Nearly 900 Chicago State University employees received layoff notices last week as the historically black school struggles to keep its doors open. Debates surrounding funding to CSU, and seven other Illinois state schools, rage on in the state house.

New research from Stanford University finds that black boys encounter more lifelong problems that arise from early poverty and that the group is the most affected by low income over their lifetimes.


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