To give today's kids a good chance to be a part of tomorrow's civic society, we need to start teaching them to code at the same time that we teach them how to read and write.

Products designed with the understanding of the cognitive mind will outperform their competitors. What do edtech developers actually need to consider to succeed?

A New Jersey superintendent shares her successful strategy for preparing educators to teach project-based learning.

Somehow, we have found a way to take the humanity out of education. If that's the case, how do correct this? To find out how we can make the education process more human again, I decided to speak with Bill Latham, the CEO and senior program designer at MeTEOR Education.

Edtech entrepreneurs are optimists, but that doesn't mean they don't have their share of challenges. From finding investors to learning flexibility, the path isn't always easy. Here are five other challenges edtech entrepreneurs face.

High school students collaborate with college professors on research projects with real-world implications.

As schools begin discussing the idea of becoming future ready, they must begin by identifying what a future ready school looks like. After finding what it means to be future ready, then the school can begin to implement change

Here are the most significant reasons why neuroscience is necessary to develop personalized learning.

Here are all of the ways that you can use digital storytelling to amplify your student's voices.

Two teachers share their strategies for maximizing learning for every student in their diverse school communities.


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