There is a difference between standards and curriculum as we look at the Common Core

Lessons learned: Go slowly when developing new evaluation systems.

This is a repost of an op-ed by Helen Carroll about the need to invest early in our children.

We must put support systems in place for new teachers if we expect them to be successful.

Jefferson County Board member Debbie Wesslund writes about the Common Core and choosing progress.

Stu Silberman responds on Public Radio to Wall Street Journal article regarding Common Core backlash.

As we look at education reform in America, have the issues really changed?

It is time to take the politics out of the Common Core and do what is right for kids.

Stu Silberman responds to the Bill Gates Op-Ed on Teacher Evaluations.

I recently read an article from the Education Commission of the States entitled Inequalities at the Starting Line: State Kindergarten Policies by Emily Workman. Basically the author talks about the differences among kindergarten policies in the 50 different states. In studying the policies it was found that there are significant differences that exist for our kids. The unequal set of opportunities across our states perpetuates the lingering achievement gaps we are facing. This report presents findings on six key components of a kindergarten system: availability, length of day, student assessment, quality of instruction, standards and curriculum, and funding. I recently ...


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