Northern Kentucky Chief Operating Officers support standards.

Guest blogger Terry Brooks says, "Let's "go back to the future" and re-capture that day when educators really thought about what it meant to be six or twelve or sixteen."

Guest blogger Brad Clark speaks out about his experiences with the Kentucky Core Academic Standards.

Guest Blogger Natalie McCutchen, a Hope Street Group 2013-2014 fellow, provides a view of the standards from her classroom.

Guest blogger Kip Hottman talks about the need to stay the course with the standards and not go backwards.

Guest Blogger Molly Toney talks about different trainings to help parent engagement.

Guest blogger Phil Paige discusses the power of being reasonable when leading.

Guest Blogger Lindsey Childers talks about feedback being only effective when it focuses on where we are and where we need to go.

Guest blogger Sherri McPherson offers New Year's challenge: Speak positively about our schools, teachers, and students.

David Cook suggests a new definition of teaching.


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