Following is a post from guest blogger Phil Paige, long time district administrator now serving as a consultant to the Floyd County Schools. How can you avoid mistakes? Interesting question. I'm assuming you're still planning on going to work? Okay, that makes it a little more difficult. Let's start with what you already know. You're going to make some mistakes. It's inevitable. Mistakes are made through either action or inaction and that pretty much sums up your options. Mistakes are the by-product of decisions and the best way to reduce faulty decisions is to have an effective decision making process. ...

Guest blogger Phil Paige talks about the seven steps of the change process.

Guest blogger Pennye Rogers, a Hope Street Group Fellow for 2013, raises question about peer observations.

Susan Weston, a Kentucky education consultant who often works with the Prichard Committee, talks about the need for increased teacher synergy.

Guest Blogger Alicia J. Sells talks about school districts that are defying convention.

Guest blogger Debbie Wesslund discusses why we can no longer say, "I'm just not a math person" and how communities can support high math expectations.

Stay-at-home mom and active volunteer, guest blogger Amy Quinn shares her exeperience with an excellent parent engagement training

Guest blogger David Cook says the system is not broken. Instead we need a new system.

Guest Blogger Christine Holajter, Hope Street Group Kentucky Teacher Fellow and K-2 General Music Teacher at Straub Elementary in the Mason County School District discusses budget cuts causing music programs to be eliminated.

Part II - Adrienne Thakur, a practicing attorney and active parent in Lexington, Kentucky discusses how parent engagement will help the nontraditional achievement gap kid.


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