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Perhaps in the future N.Y. Times columnist Mr. Bruni should take off his bubble wrap and enter into a public school system to get a more well-rounded view of the Common Core before he begins portraying children and their parents as weak.

In this time of great accountability some leaders have threatened to call CPS on parents who opt their children out of testing. Education does not need more leaders who create fear and diminish creativity; education needs multipliers who see the gifts of those around them.

Professional development these days seems to be more about compliance than good teaching practices. Edcamps are an increasingly popular way to bring collaboration back into professional development.

Many educators question whether we need standards because we should personalize learning. Is it possible to do both?

In January, 2012 Governor Andrew Cuomo said that he was going to be a "Lobbyist for children," but he seems to be delivering a different message now.

How our students use social media may depend greatly on how the adults around them use it.

The UFT and NYSUT are asking for a ban on standardized testing in grades pre-k through 2nd grade...and the commissioner of education agrees?

New York State's present education issues should serve as a cautionary tale for school leaders who are instituting any type of change.

Some children won the lottery when it comes to parents, and others seem to have lost, which is why great teachers are so important.

Twitter's #satchat takes place on Saturday mornings and can help provide the professional growth that educators are looking for to inspire change in their classroom or school.

As we stand at the Common Core buffet of reading, there seems to be a risk that we are going to force students to binge just for a better grade on a test, when we should be teaching them to try everything from the menu to help prepare them for their future.

If cancelling meetings with parents because they got too tough wasn't a sign of poor leadership....John King's comments at the New York State School Boards Association Conference certainly were.

Education doesn't need fixing in all parts of the United States but it does need strengthening and it will take all parties to get us there.

In our present era of accountability schools have been given the task of collecting data on students, and some of that data has to do with student discipline. How much is too much?

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