"You don't have to do everything. You just have to do something." Rochester LGBT Youth Some students in our public school system fit in to the school culture without an issue. It's almost like they go through their school experience unscathed because they were popular, good-looking, a good athlete, or did well in school. They entered school on a daily basis feeling engaged and safe, and when they get older, as we all do, they probably remember their high school days as if they were one of the best times of their lives. Our LGBT student population most likely feels ...

The legacy of centuries of oppression and prejudice remain with us, now made even more complex by burgeoning income inequality, clear class differences between and within groups, and growing diversity in the American population. How do you close the achievement gap? How can schools live out their historic promise of providing a second chance to all Americans in a society where inequality seems not to shrink but grow?" (McCabe et al, 2005, p.143) As we try to cool off during the summer, many of us take this time to reflect on the year behind us and the year that ...

Everyone should have at least one time in their life when they feel chosen, wanted, held up for some kind of special treatment. The times are rare, life is short, others have only a given amount of real need and generosity. It is good to be philosophical when we are not chosen, but it is a vital, precious, almost scintillating thing to be young, to be excited, to be wanted specifically for some task, and to feel a possible dream is on the edge of fulfillment. It is vital for there to be an experience of morning in our lives ...

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