There are many character education programs available to young adults in schools but one focusing on veterans may be the one that impacts students the most.

NBC's Education Nation is focusing on some hot topics this year, and hopefully there will be open dialogue so that it can hit its fullest potential.

Connected education means many different things to many different people, but during Connected Educator Month, all educators should try at least one new thing when it comes to the tool of technology.

Class size does matter for teachers and students, but only if the instruction used in the small class size is different from those instructional practices used in a large one.

Is the U.S.'s obsession with sports hurt our academic standing around the world?

Redshirting is a popular practice in sports, but does it work for kindergarten?

Former NFL player Brian Holloway's upstate NY was vandalized by teenage party goers, but in an effort to save the 300 teens his plan backfired...or did it?

In an effort to punish students for misbehaving educators use some methods that are counterproductive to stop the behavior.

With so much money, power and influence at the top, how public is the public school system?

Flipping communication isn't about replacing's about enhancing it.


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