Diane Ravitch has a new book called the Reign of Error, and every educator and parent should read it because, much like her last book, she provides insight into educational reform like no other writer can.

After almost 19 years in public education, I am taking a leap of faith to help share the work of John Hattie.

Multiple measures are those pieces to teacher and administrator evaluation that are most important to evaluation, because they are the pieces that can provide teachers with important feedback.

Grit is being used to decsribe how students need to toughen up and face their failures, and as important as grit may be, reslience seems to be a much better trait to have in life.

For too long faculty meetings have been about lists and compliance but this year each month will bring a new faculty focus.

Teachers have five minutes to engage students, and Mark Barnes and Pernille Ripp offer great examples on how educators can do that.

A new report by the report by the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders provides important ways for schools to help meet the needs of the whole child.

Corwin Press announced that they are bring John Hattie's Visible Learning to North America and schools should pay attention because this is not about school reform, it's about school transformation.

In this interview, Dr. Richard Allington gives some advice on how teachers can better provide literacy instruction and he talks about what needs to change about schools.

In a time when schools are seeing an increase in student social-emotional issues, school counselors are being cut due to budget cuts and the counselors left standing have quadruple the recommended case loads.


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