Schools that are opting out of recess in order to provide more academic time are making a mistake that will negatively effect students for a long time.

Educators always have expectations of their students but do students have expectations of their teachers?

A really cute Cheerios commercial featuring a biracial couple brought out the worst in some viewers.

Sandy Hayes, the President of the National Council of Teachers of English is asking for a moratorium on CCSS assessments so that schools and states can learn from the first year of implementation.

While speaking at Comicpalooza in Texas, Sir Patrick Stewart was asked a question that allowed him to highlight the damaging effects of domestic violence around the world.

Bellingham, Washington Principal Bob Sampson gave his students a sun day, instead of a snow day so they could see that life outside of school is just as important.

Politicians will have to do more than talk to get the support of teachers unions for the NY City mayoral race.

In education, we hear a great deal about bullying but are there testing bullies too?

Recently, professional basketball player Jason Collins came out, and he not only sent a message to other professional athletes, he sent a message to millions of gay men and women who have felt to unsafe to come out.

In these days of high stakes testing and increased accountability, teachers are at risk of trying to assess every part of a child's day.


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