On Digital Learning Day where we are supposed to highlight what to do with technology, we should also be thinking of those who lack the opportunities to infuse technology into what they do.

Public education means different things to different people. Peter DeWitt asked the experts what public education meant to them.

Twitter is very popular with educators but are they really listening to each other or just sharing links?

Unschool parents believe in student-centeredness and child autonomy which might offer good suggestions to the public school system.

Readers' theatres are great ways to offer students a literacy enriched environment but school-wide readers' theatres can help improve the school culture.

Educators, as well as parents, have the opportunity to inspire students to want to gain ownership over their own learning.

A recent U.S. Dept. of Ed. report by the National Center of Educational Statistics shows that US graduation rates have increased while dropout rates have decreased.

Days of service and no name calling weeks should be at the core of what schools do every day.

Computer-based literacy programs may not as successful as schools think they are.

Based on Seth Godin's blog When a Meeting Work and (Doesn't), Peter delves into how Seth's suggestions can work for any classroom and school.


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