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December 12, 2011

Separation, Divorce & The Child in the Middle

Children who are caught in the middle may be resilient and make it through the situation positively, but all too often children feel it is their fault that their parents cannot even meet in the same room. Separation and divorces happen frequently. Contrary to popular opinion, households that expe...

December 08, 2011

Why We Need to Differentiate Between Assessment & Testing

All students have strengths, and most of those strengths are not assessed through high stakes testing. It seems that all we hear about in education is how...or whether, our students are achieving. Although not a bad topic to discuss, it is often tied into high stakes testing. Many of us in educati...

December 04, 2011

How Twitter is Changing Professional Development for Educators

"I naively assumed that Twitter was a place for people to narcissistically blab their every move, and after reading "Why Educators Should Join Twitter," my mind was changed and I joined. My life is changed! I finally feel like I have others whose lives revolve around education the way mine does". Ja...

December 02, 2011

A Week without Testing: A Whole Child Experience

During the week of November 28th through December 2nd, our school participated in our very own No Testing Week. I must admit that I hardly slept Sunday night because I was eager to see what teachers had planned. It's not that we are totally driven by data and have to test every day but it certainly...

November 28, 2011

Creative Learning Environment

If educators are not promoting a respectful climate in a creative learning space, then they're just moving furniture. Today, I saw two first graders working together to open a thermos. Although this is a situation that happens every day in schools across North America, it was nice to watch them...

November 25, 2011

Professional Development with the Experts Through Twitter

Great teachers know that they don't have to know it all. They just have to know their resources. Many times when we're struggling with the issue of meeting the needs of our students or those of our teachers, we search for great websites. Websites from experts can help inspire us to make the necess...

November 21, 2011

Why Educators Should Join Twitter

In late July I decided to join Twitter. To be perfectly honest with you I had no idea what I was supposed to do when I got on there but I heard so much about it I thought it would be a worthwhile experience. The only concern was that we have so many distractions already in life that I wasn't sure t...

November 19, 2011

Common Core Standards will be Uncommonly Expensive for School Districts

"Textbooks should be used like a dictionary, not a novel." Unknown For the first time in our educational history a majority of the states across the U.S. will have the same teaching standards, which many educators have wanted for decades. Many of those states are doing a great job building curricul...

November 17, 2011

Using Social Networking to Build 21st Century Skills

"Good people know that high stakes testing has limited value and they keep operating anyway. They don't let testing get in the way of doing the good work they want to do to get kids prepared for life." Todd Whitaker In education we have a habit of using terms so often that we push staff to a place ...

November 13, 2011

What if We Taught at Hogwarts?

Every student should be able to get lost in their imagination from time to time. As we grow older there are so many times that we are too busy to retreat within ourselves to imagine bigger ideas. We need to encourage students to do that when they are younger so they can strive for something new in ...

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