Music is vital to learning a language.

An educator shares strategies and resources for teaching about terrorism.

Vocational education and training can help the economy and close the skills gap. Here is the example of South Korea.

Everyone loves photographs. They remind us of where we've been, where we're going, and where we are right now. And knowing how to decipher an image--visual literacy--is a vitally important skill.

Games are one of the oldest forms of human interaction and we are wired to learn through play. So why are we so nervous about video games in the classroom?

How to connect with schools and organizations abroad to bring a global perspective to your classroom.

When teaching about other cultures—especially in foreign language classes—music is often a key part of the curriculum. Here is the reason why it is a critical component to understanding others.

Utilizing international connections can be a meaningful and engaging way to enhance student knowledge of math and science. Here's how.

CTE offers a natural platform on which to build global competencies.

A look at international strategies and challenges in integrating 21st century competencies into education.


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