A starting point for how to plan engaging, real-world lessons in the next school year.

The best type of curriculum for preparing students for the workforce is one that focuses on real-world problem-solving.

A well-rounded education is defined by a broader set of outcomes than traditionally outlined in academic standards and standardized tests. Educators and other stakeholders alike are increasingly interested in the so-called soft skills related to social and emotional learning, creativity and innovation, and citizenship. But how do we ensure that all students, especially disadvantaged students, have sufficient time and opportunity to attain all the skills needed for college, career, and the global innovation economy beyond? "Expanded learning" has become a catchphrase for a variety of different models that aim to expand learning time and experiences for students. Some models provide ...

The positive, life-long impact of study abroad on young people is undeniable.

Whether for national security, US citizenship, or the workforce, students need to be globally competent: here are three reasons why.

Put service learning into action with The International Bank of Bob.

Global issues often play out locally. Service learning is a way students can engage in real-world issues while building the knowledge, skills, and experiences that will serve them throughout their lives. I've asked Cathryn Berger Kaye, author of The Complete Guide to Service Learning: Proven, Practical Ways to Engage Students in Civic Responsibility, Academic Curriculum, & Social Action, to share her expertise in developing a service learning program. By Cathryn Berger Kaye What motivates our work as educators? While raising test scores and achieving accountability may be critical to our everyday tasks, most of us entered education to make a difference ...

In 2013, more people will access the Internet on their mobile devices than on desktops or laptops. In what has become an annual tradition, we are posting some of our favorite apps for learning. by Honor Moorman and Heather Singmaster Computers and, later, Web 2.0 have changed the way young people learn. Now mobile apps are set to do the same. An “app” is short for software application. For example, Angry Birds and Facebook are popular apps on mobile devices. More than 30 million apps are downloaded to mobile devices every day. There are apps to help manage time,...

A look at research showing that international experiences help prospective teachers find jobs and succeed in the classroom.

How schools can help address the skills gap and help youth find employment after graduation.

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